healthier kitchen Cooking Coach

We are bombarded these days with so many messages advising us how to eat for health: low carb, paleo, gluten free, low fat, low sodium, not so low sodium. Each day it seems new studies come out advising us that a particular food is a miracle and cautioning us against other foods we thought were "healthy." No one seems to know exactly what is "healthy," and likely, the answer is not the same for everyone. The one constant the experts agree on is that eating real food--vegetables, whole grains, not too processed proteins-- is important. At the same time, in order to stick with healthy eating, it must be delicious and satisfying. The best way to do achieve both  goals, is to cook for ourselves at home more. When you cook at home, you control the quality and cost of the ingredients, the portion size, and the amount of calories, sodium, fat and sugar in each dish. You can start with fresh and nutritious ingredients that you love, and create delicious and satisfying meals.    

For many of us who might desire to take charge of our health and how we eat, though, kitchen skills have become something simply to admire on Top Chef. And most certainly, weeknight cooking can be a chore in light of our busy schedules. That's where I come in!  With some organization, planning and basic kitchen skills, anyone can make healthy and delicious meals at home. Really. I did it and I can help you do it too.  

We will work together in your home kitchen, at times that are convenient for you and concentrate on your specific kitchen needs. Maybe you'd also like your grown or almost grown kids to learn the fundamentals so that they, too, can prepare healthy and delicious food more efficiently and inexpensively. Or, maybe, you have parents who suddenly need to change a lifelong carry-out habit for health reasons. If your loved ones need a little hand holding in the kitchen, I can help them as well. 

Cooking doesn't have to be stressful and unpleasant. By learning some new cooking and planning techniques, tips and methods, you can take control and be in charge of what goes into your body, have some fun and enjoy nutritious and delicious food with your family and friends. Feel confident in your kitchen, making healthy, yet luscious, heart-warming and heart healthy meals. If you're in the Washington DC area, contact me to discuss the possibilities.