Wendy Nevett Bazil Bio:


Some years back, I learned about my genetic predisposition for really bad heart problems. From there on out I spent a lot of time reading, hearing from doctors and experimenting with ways to help my and my family's health through what and how we eat. Along with exercise, the best move seemed to be to cook at home more frequently. Although we can't fully control our genes, by cooking at home, we have more control over what we eat. I’ve spent the last ten years writing about food and teaching home cooking skills in a variety of venues.

In my recipe writing, as well is with my teaching, I focus on vegetable forward, "healthier" home cooking with an emphasis on ease, fun and confidence. I highlight flavor, featuring healthy and delicious vegetables, proteins and whole grains, all complemented with flavorful spices and herbs. My approach is seasonal, flavorful, healthful and satisfying. I love to recreate lighter versions of favorite family and restaurant dishes at home. 

I'm an experienced and versatile home cook with many years of non professional cooking school training and time assisting chefs in a cooking school as well. I enjoy working with both adults and youth. I am insured, Servsafe certified, and have a 30 hour Advancing Youth Development course certificate from the DC Trust, as well as other training in positive youth development.

I have experience writing cookbook reviews as well as judging the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) writing and cookbook awards. Please consider me for recipe and cookbook testing as well as recipe development.

In addition to teaching and writing, I spend a good bit of time devoted to volunteer work in the food world. I'm a member of the Montgomery County Food Council, co-chair of its Food Literacy Working Group, and a member of its Policy Committee. I also serve on the Board of the not-for-profit Crossroads Community Food Network. which strives to provide a healthier, more inclusive food system in Maryland’s Takoma/Langley Park area. I’m a member of the Washington, DC chapter of Les Dames d'Escoffier, an invitation only philanthropic organization of women leaders in food and food related industries.

Taste and enjoyment are paramount to me. There's a happy middle ground between the most austere diet possible (which though might be right for some is often overkill and unsustainable for most of us) and the oversized, over salted, over done meals we often find available when we're out.  However, we sometimes worry so much about healthful eating that we lose sight of taste and pleasure. Too austere and it's hard to stick with. Too rich and it's bad for our health. I like to think I've found a middle ground where great food meets good health, experimenting with spices and new flavors to create recipes that are both healthier and delicious.  This middle ground is the essence of the "healthier kitchen." Let me help you make your kitchen just a little healthier, too.