Any Publicity is Good Publicity?

it’s not everyday that you manage to horn in on someone else’s glory and get yourself into the papers. I’m usually a behind the scenes person, but somehow a photo of me doing a food demo found itself into this article in the Washington Post recently.

The backstory: my Food Council colleague, Susan Eisendrath, and her husband, Joe Libertelli, have a mini farm (or “farmette” as they like to call it) in their suburban front yard. It’s quite an impressive project, with all kinds of greens and other vegetables along with fruit trees and grape vines and a youthful persimmon tree. Susan, who co-chairs the Environmental Impact Working Group of the Food Council, and I cooked up the idea of someday having a food education related demonstration there, using their produce (I recently ended a several year stint as co-chair of the Food Council’s Food Education Working Group).

Susan and Joe hosted an open house and invited some members of the Montgomery County Food Council and the Master Gardeners to tour their farmette and we arranged that I’d do a cooking demonstration during the late afternoon hours. I used their cucumbers and tomatoes and some herbs to create a couple of fresh, plant based dishes (you can read about that and find recipes in this Food Council blog post!), and we also got to taste some of Susan and Joe’s sauces and pestos. Susan had invited Adrian Higgins, the Washington Post garden writer to the open house and he'd come through before I arrived and promised to return.

We shared the photos we’d taken with each other, and helped out with the blog post, and I forgot about it completely until a friend posted to my Facebook early one morning some weeks later, that he’d seen an article and my photo in the Post. and then Linked in let me know as well. Apparently, Susan also shared her photo of me doing the demo with Adrian Higgins, and that made it into the paper, although much to my chagrin, there was no photo of Joe.

tl:dr Susan sent my photo to the Post and somehow it was published. Check it out!

Wendy Aug 9 2019 Eisentelli Farmette Tour.JPG